Bicycle trailers


In 2010 the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer was tested "Best Two-Wheeler for serious holiday cyclists" in the Dutch magazine Op Pad Biking and thereby winning the prestious bicycle trailer test for the second time.


Bicycle Trailer test oppad 2010The Cyclone III is a two-wheeler so it keeps itself balanced and it does not influence the behavior of the bike. At home, the Cyclone can be stored extremely compact, on the road it sports 100 liters and 40 kgs of capacity


When transporting the Cyclone by train, tow-bar and wheels can be detached with a twist of the hand, which visually leaves only a big duffle bag.


The Cyclone can be found in several different versions and is also suitable for recumbents and folding bikes.

Last Updated: Thursday, 24 April 2014 19:53